Contributing to Nails

We welcome third-party contributions to Nails, in fact we expect it!

We set out to build a tool for ourselves, and hope that we can make other's lives easier, too. All you need to do is fork whatever repository you desire and send us a pull request.

All the code is on GitHub.

Nails Core vs. Nails Modules

New functionality is typically wrapped up as a module. We do this to try and keep the core as lightweight as possible.

We define the Nails core as being the following two repositories:

  • nailsapp/nails
  • nailsapp/common

If the functionality you wish to contribute might be considered "optional", then it should probably be a module.

If you are unsure of whether your contribution should be implemented as a module or part of Nails Core, email us.

Submitting Changes

When submitting code please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Use a git flow feature branch for your patch
  2. Use PSR-2 coding style
  3. Remove all trailing white space
  4. Be as clear as possible in your pull request, reference an issue if possible
  5. Don't be afraid of comments and vertical white space