Getting Started

Fresh Installation

If you haven't already, get the Nails Command Line Tool. This is by far the easiest way to manage your Nails installations:

$ brew tap nailsapp/nailsapp
$ brew install nails

If you're using an OS other than OSX you can still do things manually.

To set up a new site, get yourself to the appropriate parent directory, create an empty database and then:

$ nails new myAwesomeSite

This will create the project directory, clone the Nails skeleton and then bring all your dependancies and database up to date.

Finally, click through to the URL you defined (remember to set up a virtual host if needed) and you'll see the Nails welcome page.

Jump in and start editing application/controllers/home.php and application/views/home.php and you've got a basic static site.

Consider using a local SMTP service to catch emails in development environments. We recommend MockSMTP or MailCatcher.

Upgrade from an Old Version

Upgrading Nails couldn't be easier. Simply use the Nails Command Line Tool; all your dependencies and database will be upgraded in one fell swoop.

$ nails upgrade

Be Careful
As with any automated upgrade process, be careful. It is highly recommended that you backup your database before upgrading, so that you can revert should things not go to plan.

How to use these docs

The Docs are in the process of being written, thus are incomplete and ever-changing.

Your best bet for now is to get an installation running and then emailing us with questions. We'll do our best to answer promptly, however we are a full time agency so please bear that in mind before you start sending the trolls.